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Improving Dusty Homes in Warrenville

Improving Dusty Homes in Warrenville

Dust is an invisible annoyance that we may not realize is impacting our health. Dust is composed of plan pollen, hair, dander since and many other tiny particles. It exists in all parts of our homes and offices and can have a big impact on our health. Keeping your home and office dust-free will help you breathe easier and live a more comfortable life.

How Dust Affects Your Health

Although dust may be invisible, it can have a big impact on your health. The tiny particles can be allergens and irritants to many people and cause discomfort. Asthma is a serious illness that can be triggered by exposure to dust and pollen. Dust and mold can also cause allergies in many people. If they are exposed for long periods of time they will experience a cough, watery eyes and irritation in your throat. Respiratory Infections and sinus problems are also common complaints in dusty homes in Warrenville. New homes in Warrenville can also be filled with dust and debris left behind from construction. This dust can be in the air ducts and pushed out into the air system of your home or office.

Dusting The Interior

It is important to dust your home often to prevent the buildup of dust, and the way you dust is important as well. When cleaning your home, it is best to clean from top to bottom, this way, all dust that falls from high up to the floor will be cleaned as well. Start with fans, blinds and high windows and end with floors. It is also important to not dry dust. Using a dry cloth or mop to dust only pushes the dust to other parts of your home. A wet cloth, or a cloth with specialized dusting cleaner will trap the particles to the cloth and prevent them from spreading.

Scheduling An Air Duct Cleaning

If you are experiencing illness such as sinus problems, allergies, respiratory infections or reoccurring asthmas attacks in your home in Warrenville, you may need to have your air ducts cleaned. Dust, pollen, mold and air contaminants can live and be distributed through your home’s air ducts and often cause these ailments. An air duct cleaning is a simple and effective way to draw out the air contaminants from your home or office’s air duct system leaving you with improved air quality and less dust.

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