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Prevent Asthma Attacks and Allergies

Prevent Asthma Attacks and Allergies

Do you or your family often experience ‘mysterious’ illnesses or ailments that cause allergies or asthma attacks? While you may think that this is just a way of life, it is possible that particles and contaminants trapped in your air ducts are making you sick. Air Care Services offer air duct cleaning in Naperville to eliminate dust, mold, contaminants and other irritants that can cause sickness in you or your family.

What Causes Asthma?

Asthma, a very serious condition that affects millions of people, is a respiratory condition where a person’s airway becomes constricted making it difficult to breath when exposed to certain triggers. The reaction includes shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, wheezing or coughing. While asthma triggers differ from person to person, allergy-induced asthma can be triggered from pollen, mold, waste from insects, skin particles or dander and hair from pets. All of these air contaminants can be drawn into a homes air system and settle into the air ducts. Everytime air is circulated through the air ducts it pushes these allergens into your home and the lungs of your loved ones.  


How to Prevent Asthma Attacks and Allergies?

Asthma attacks and allergic reactions can be prevented by cleaning both the inside of your home in addition to your home’s air duct system. When cleaning your home, it is recommended that you use a wet mop as opposed to a dry broom. A wet mop can trap more particles and dust in the mop while a dry broom tends to push the dust around where it can be sucked into the duct system. It is also recommended that you dust from top to bottom so that any dust that falls from high up can be mopped up later.


Air Duct Cleaning in Naperville from Air Care Services can clean your air ducts in a few hours leaving your home with much cleaner air. Our technicians will thoroughly wash all vents and attach a powerful vacuum to your home’s air vent systems to draw out any contaminants. Many people notice an immediate improvement in their breathing and overall health. Schedule air duct cleanings regularly to keep your family healthy and allergy free.  


Who to Call for Air Duct Cleaning in Naperville?

Air Care Services has decades of experience of air duct cleaning in Naperville. All of our team members are certified by The National Air Duct Cleaners Association and can be trusted to clean your home’s air ducts to the highest standard. Asthma and allergies are very serious ailments and you can take preventative steps to keep your family breathing clean air.

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