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The Dust-Maker Culprits

The Dust-Maker Culprits

Sometimes, we neglect cleaning some things that actually need to be taken care of more often. Check out this mini checklist we created to make sure you are making your home as dust-free as possible.

Purchase a specific vacuum for your carpet

Carpets can be a great addition to decorating your home. They are also a great harborer of dust and dust mites. Did you know that if you vacuum your carpet, this could actually make the problem worse instead of better? Vacuum cleaning can release and re-suspend dust and allergens. Instead of decreasing dust exposure, you are actually increasing it. If you purchase a HEPA rated filter vacuum cleaning, this can help with getting rid of the dust for good. Additionally, you could switch to hardwood floors. Get rid of the carpet altogether!

Make sure you have the correct air filters

Smaller particles (like dust) can easily get through your thin fiberglass filters. Eventually, your AC evaporator coil will get dirty. The airborne dust will be recirculated throughout your home. This can be frustrating, especially when it seems like your filters never get dirty. You should invest in air filters with a higher MERV rating. If the MERV rating is high, there’s a better chance that the smaller particles will be caught. Make sure you have a professional install the air cleaner in your duct system. Did you know that 15 MERV catches up to 95% of pathogens? That’s perfect for a home!

Check for any air duct leaks

Sometimes, our air duct system is sucking in dust from our attic and other dusty places. From there, the dust is distributed throughout your home. No one wants that. There are two ways to find out if you have leaks in your air ducts. If you have rooms that a noticeable hotter in the summer and colder in the winter—your HVAC system may not be making it to those spots. Additionally, if you have a higher-than-normal energy bill, your system is running longer to make sure the thermostat setting is reached. Contact a professional to perform a pressure test on your system. If your ducts need sealing, they’ll let you know.

There are many ways to improve your dusty homes. If you need a professional to help you take care of your home air duct cleaner in Chicago, Air Care Services Inc. is here to serve you. Call us today or submit a contact form and we will help make sure you are living in a dust-free home.

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