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Winter Cleaning Checklist For Your Ductwork

27th September, 2022

Temperatures are quickly dropping as winter approaches, and you’ll want to make sure your ductwork is ready for another heating season. 

During the winter months, it can be difficult to schedule a next-day appointment with a duct cleaning company. Our experts have created the following checklist that will help you clean your air ducts before cold weather settles in for the season.

How To Clean Your Ductwork In Between Professional Cleaning

Keeping your air vents and ducts clean in between cleanings can help improve your indoor air quality. Through routine cleanings, you can prevent an excessive build-up of dust, dirt, dander, and other pollutants. 

With a little bit of time and elbow grease, a winter deep clean can rid your home of the excess debris that is circulated through your HVAC system. If you’re looking to improve the lifespan of your heating and cooling appliances as well as the air quality in your home, then you should utilize the following checklist for a clean and healthy home:

  1. Remove screws from air duct covers and return air grill plates.
  2. Lift supply vents and place a paper towel between the vent cover and the floor or wall. These are the vents that supply warm or cool air to your home. 
  3. Set the thermostat to “fan on” and make sure both the heat and cool modes are off. If your thermostat does not have a “fan on” setting, run the heat.
  4. Lightly tap on visible ductwork in your basement to loosen up any build-up of dirt and dust.
  5. Lift the supply register and insert your vacuum hose into the register. Sweep as far into the register’s piping as you can.
  6. Wipe the interior of the duct clean with a damp microfiber cloth or cloth diaper. Be sure to rinse the cloth frequently to remove dirt and grime. Remove paper towels as you finish cleaning each of the supply registers.
  7. Vacuum your return air registers and be sure to reach as far in as you can. 
  8. Turn off your fan and furnace at the breaker panel or service switch. Shutting off the thermostat does not turn off the power to the unit. 
  9. Remove the panels from the front of the furnace to access the blower compartment and return air boot. Vacuum the debris in these areas.
  10. Remove dust from the furnace fan and wipe it down with a damp cloth. 
  11. Replace your furnace filter and consider upgrading your filter with a higher MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values) rating to improve indoor air quality. 

A hand swipes dust off of a heating and cooling vent.

How Professionals Should Clean Your Ducts

It’s always nice, and often very important, to know exactly what you are paying for and this includes when you have your home’s ductwork professionally cleaned. Here is a list of what your trained air duct technician will clean during a typical ductwork cleaning. 

  • All heat vents and cold air return covers will be removed and cleaned.
  • Each opening is individually brushed and vacuumed.
  • Special brushes are used to break dirt loose in the main truck lines.
  • A high-powered vacuum is inserted into the duct system and pulls the debris from the ductwork.
  • The furnace fan and fan cage area then get brushed and vacuumed.

It is recommended that you have your air duct system professionally cleaned at least once every three to five years.

If it has been a while since your ventilation system has been thoroughly cleaned, then it’s probably time to schedule an appointment with your trusted air duct cleaning service. 

Professional Home Duct Cleaning Chicago

Now is the perfect time to schedule a professional duct cleaning. Air Care Services has a dedicated team of experts that abide by The National Air Duct Cleaners Association’s high standards. This also includes the NADCA Code of Ethics and safety practices. 

You can be confident that when you have our trained technicians cleaning your ductwork, it will be done accurately, safely, and professionally. Give Air Care Services a call to schedule an appointment for your next duct cleaning!

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