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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Why Does Your Dryer Vent Need To Be Cleaned?

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Contact our dryer vent cleaner in Chicago today to ensure your dryer is safe and effective.

The answer is simple: dryer vents can become clogged with lint which given the proper circumstances, can start a fire in your home. The U.S. Product Safety Commission estimates that there are 15,600 fires each year associated with clothes dryers, causing 370 injuries and 20 deaths (link below). This is a serious threat to your home and family but it can sometimes be one of those ‘out of sight, out of mind’ things you don’t necessarily think about. Although serious, fires are not the only problem caused by a dirty dryer vent. Have you noticed that it is taking longer and longer to dry your clothes? The build-up of lint inside your vent pipe can limit the flow of hot air away from your dryer which can cause both of these issues.

How Often Should You Clean Your Dryer Vent?

The frequency at which your dryer vent needs to be cleaned can vary based on a number of circumstances. These can include the distance between your dryer and the outside vent, the number of turns the pipe makes on its way outside, and whether your pipe leads outside through your roof or through the side of your home. Many vents should be cleaned once per year to ensure proper ventilation and safety.

Cleaning a dryer vent can be a fairly quick process, but it does require special equipment in order to be done properly. We have equipment specifically designed for cleaning dryer vents to ensure that the entire length of the pipe is cleaned without causing any damage.


We specialize in duct cleaning and our service is Professional Dryer Cleaning

Not having your dryer duct clean can pose a series of dangers in your home or business. We also remove lint and bird nests.

    • Prevent fires
    • Dryer efficiency


  • We start by disconnecting the hose from the back of the dryer
  • Our service technicians insert brushes to break up dirt and debris
  • The blower is used to release the dirt outside the building
  • Inserting brushes on the outside of the building bushes the lines back to the dryers


 What Buildings Do We Service?

    • Home Dryers
    • Commercial Dryers
    • Condo Complex
    • Town Home Assoc.
    • High-Rise


NOTE: Multi-Unit Discounts


Dryer Vent Cleaner Chicago

Over time your dryer’s exhaust system fills up with lint buildup that can cause your dryer to perform less effectively. The LintAlert is equipped with an indicator that lights up to show how efficiently your dryer is working. Protect your family from real fire hazards.  Contact Air Care Services today for an appointment at 630-963-2099 or check out our links page for more information!

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