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Clean Your Dryer Vents

Clean Your Dryer Vents

Did you know that dryer exhaust vents should be inspected and cleaned at least once a year? The size of the household and dryer usage are two factors to consider when deciding how often to clean your dryer exhaust vents. Air Care services can help you with your air duct cleaning in areas around Naperville.

Why You Should Keep Your Dryer Vents Clean?

It’s possible for debris and lint to build up in your clothes dryer over time. When the exhaust cannot work properly, it can create the possibility of fire and even potential carbon monoxide intrusion (if you have a gas clothes dryer). Did you know that dryer vents accumulate highly flammable lint? If you aren’t cleaning the vents, you can actually start a dryer fire. The National Fire Protection Association explains that roughly 17,000 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year. The results? 51 deaths. 380 injuries. $236 million in property loss. The main cause of the fire is the failure to clean out dryer vents.

Cleaning vents have effects on your clothing

If you are not cleaning your dryer vents, it’s possible that your clothes, after going through a drying cycle, won’t be dry. We have a sudden urge to blame the damp clothes on the dryer sensor. Instead of placing your damp clothes back in the dryer for another round. You should call a technician. Instead of blaming the dryer sensor, you may be surprised to find that the lint build-up in the dryer vents is the actual culprit. There are some homes that may have a plugged-up dryer venting that causes the lint to be wet. Additionally, when your dryer vent is clogged, the dryer will run at higher temperatures, it will take twice as long for the clothes to try, and the lifespan of your dryer will decrease.

The solution

It’s important to keep track of how often you clean your dryer vents. There are many signs to look out for to know if your dryer vents are due for a cleaning. What can you do to prevent a dryer fire?

  • When you install your dryer, be sure that it is installed by a professional and you read the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings.
  • Before AND after each load of laundry: clean the dryer lint filter.
  • Roughly every six months (or more if necessary), clean the filter with a nylon brush.
  • Check the venting system behind the dryer and if it looks damaged, call a professional technician to have it inspected.

Air Car Services Inc. is ready to help with your air duct cleaning around Naperville. Avoid the scary potential for home fires and call us today for an inspection. Check out our website for more information and contact us if you think it’s time your dryer had a check-up.

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