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Take a look at our list that will help you choose a top-quality duct cleaner.

We want to make sure your duct cleaning is done right. Below is a list that will help you realize what to expect from a good duct cleaner.

Guidelines for Choosing an Air Duct

In recent years, millions of Americans have had their heating and air conditioning systems and ductwork cleaned.

Air Duct Cleaner Chicago, Air Duct Cleaner Downers Grove, Air Duct Cleaner NapervilleDuct cleaning can help to reduce the levels of dust within a home, increase the efficiency of the air conditioning system, and diminish the risks of indoor air pollution.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), a non-profit organization, has published a guideline for consumers to follow when choosing an air duct cleaning company. NADCA offers these suggestions for selecting an air duct cleaner:

  1. Make sure the cleaning contractor uses “source removal” cleaning methods designed to extract the debris within your air conditioning system. The routine application of encapsulants to seal debris within ductwork is not recommended.
  2. Get references from past jobs. Ask the duct cleaners’ customers if they were happy with the services performed, if they benefited from the cleaning, and if they experienced any problems with their air conditioning system after the job.
  3. See if the duct cleaning company is a member in good standing of your local Better Business Bureau: 312-832-0500.
  4. Make sure the duct cleaner has worked on air conditioning systems similar to your own and ask how long the cleaning technicians who will be servicing your system have been performing duct cleaning.
  5. Make sure the duct cleaner takes care to protect your home and belongings. Duct cleaning is a relatively routine process and you should not have to do any unusual house cleaning after the job.
  6. Make sure that any chemicals used in the cleaning process are EPA registered for the intended applications. You may also request a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).
  7. Make sure that the cleaner you choose agrees to perform the cleaning services in accordance with all provisions of the industry performance standard NADCA 1992-01, Mechanical Cleaning of Non-Porous Air Conveyance System Components.
  8. Watch out for “add-on” sales. Some cleaners will charge a base fee and then surprise the customer with additional costs for applying sanitizers or other related services. Make sure you have agreed on the total cost and scope of the job before work begins.
  9. Confirm that the duct cleaner is a member in good standing of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. Choosing a NADCA member to perform the work will ensure that your facility receives a thorough source removal cleaning in accordance with the associations’ mandatory performance standard.

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