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Take a look at our list that will help you choose a top-quality duct cleaner.

We want to make sure your duct cleaning is done right. Below is a list that will help you realize what to expect from a good duct cleaner.

Guidelines for Choosing an Air Duct

Duct cleaning can help to reduce the levels of dust within a home, increase the efficiency of the air conditioning system, and diminish the risks of indoor air pollution. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), a non-profit organization, has published a guideline for consumers to follow when choosing an air duct cleaning company

Air Duct Cleaners Chicago

How To Know Who To Choose

Finding a company to take care of your home—especially when it comes to cleaning your air ducts—can be time consuming. We want to make this easier for you by mentioning what to look out for when you begin your search. Some of the highlights of what guidelines to follow when looking for an air duct service serving Chicago include:

  • Look up references: Make sure you read reviews on the company and see if customers were happy with what they received. It’s also important to make sure that no issues were discovered with the air conditioning system after the job was completed.
  • They are NADCA-certified: Not only should you choose a company that has Air Systems Cleaning Specialists on staff, but they should also meet the NADCA standards and are in good standing with them as well. 
  • They are licensed and insured: Air Care Services Inc. is a fully insured company to make sure that you are protected through any services we provide. Additionally, we make sure that whoever is coming to help you is experienced and professional in the specific problem faced. That means that our technicians are experts in what they do and will make sure your system is working proficiently before they leave. 
  • Good standing with the BBB: You can call 312.832.0500 to check if your duct cleaning company is a member in good standing of your local Better Business Bureau.
  • Avoid encapsulants: Make sure your cleaning contractor is using cleaning methods that can extract the debris in your air conditioning system safely and effectively. They should not be using encapsulants to seal debris by any means.


Do I Need My Ducts Cleaned?

If you have a brand new HVAC system, it’s possible you will not need duct cleaning. Make sure you have a professional inspect your systems before you give your money to a professional cleaning service that you may not need.


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