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Efficient Chicago Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

When harmful contaminants lodge in your place of business, you will be exposed to threats in the air. Call us to ensure that your health is protected.

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Affordable Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Chicago

Commercial Air Duct Services ChicagoCommercial buildings often have dirty HVAC systems and ductwork that contains a buildup of contaminants including bacteria, molds, and dust. Unfortunately, this is problem that is often ignored despite the costly issues created for the occupants of the building. The constant circulation of dust, pollen, molds, and disease-causing organisms can cause illness, reduced productivity, tenant dissatisfaction, and adversely affect your business in other ways.

Additionally, dirty ductwork and HVAC systems are the most common cause of “sick building syndrome,” a problem that affects office and apartment buildings, hotels, schools, warehouses, retail shops, and other commercial buildings. Sick building syndrome can cause a wide array of chronic and acute health problems – often difficult to identify and diagnose – yet costly in terms of attendance, productivity, and well-being. Often the building’s occupants suffer from allergies and other respiratory issues, or just don’t feel their best.

Fortunately, all the problems caused by the circulation of dust, pollen, molds, and other organisms through the HVAC system can be eliminated simply and economically by properly cleaning the heating, cooling, and ventilation ductwork. When the contaminants are removed, tenant satisfaction and employee productivity return. Air Care Services specializes in all types of commercial air duct services in Naperville. Our highly trained technicians have the proper equipment, as well as the necessary knowledge and expertise, to improve the indoor air quality in your commercial building.

Commercial Duct Cleaning —  The Process

Grills and vents:

  • All grills, diffusers, registers and vents are marked, taken down and washed
  • After cleaning, the grills, diffusers, registers and vents are put back in place

Duct systems:

  • Crawling through the ductwork, either by brushing, scraping and vacuuming all surfaces, cleans all large return and supply ductwork
  • For smaller ductwork, access holes are cut. The technicians then use special tools and brushes to clean the ducts
  • Access holes are re-sealed with new sheet-metal patches that are attached with sheet-metal screws.
  • All interior areas are tarped to protect the areas below the duct system.

Roof Top and Air Handling Units:

  • Air intakes, louvers and plenums are brushed and vacuumed to remove dust, dirt, soot, grease and other foreign material
  • Heating and cooling coils are vacuumed, and either air washed or washed with a coil cleaner
  • Fans and housings are brushed and vacuumed, and either air washed or washed with a coil cleaner

Commercial Air Duct Services Naperville

Every commercial job is unique, and pricing varies accordingly. Contact Air Care Services today for an appointment at 630-963-2099 or to learn more about future duct maintenance.

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