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Home Duct Cleaning

Home Duct Cleaning

When it comes to your family and pets, maintaining a healthy environment is a number one priority. Unfortunately, many home air systems contain harmful contaminants that are undetectable to the naked eye. These contaminants can be pollen, pet hair, dandruff, allergens, or even harmful chemical fumes. What can be done to protect those you love from these invisible threats? Home duct cleaning. Contacting an air duct cleaner in Downers Grove is the first step in cleaner air in your home.

What is Involved in Home Duct Cleaning?

An air duct cleaner in Downers Grove will conduct a deep cleaning of your air ducts. All of our team members have been certified by our industry’s leading professional organization – The National Air Duct Cleaners Association, and they will conduct a thorough and safe cleaning. To prepare your home for a cleaning, you may need to move some furniture and secure pets in a secluded area. It is also advisable that children are not home during the cleaning process. While all of our techniques are safe, with blowers and vacuums running, it is better to keep them away from the action.

All vent covers and cold air return covers will be removed and thoroughly scrubbed to eliminate dust and allergen particles from clinging to the cover and contaminating your air.  Next, the technician will connect the large portable vacuum to the ducts in your home and vacuum all the particles out of your ducts. While the vacuum is running, the technician will use a blower to push all remaining particles in your home to the vents. Depending on your home, a cleaning may take three to five hours.

What Can I Expect After the Duct Cleaning?

Fewer allergies! If you or your children have experienced allergies, an air duct cleaner in Downers Grove could help you breath easy. Many clients report a decrease in allergy symptoms after cleaning, in addition to better skin and hair.

Less cleaning for you! When ducts are properly cleaned you will experience significantly less dust in your home. Without debris hanging out in your ducts, there will be no dust to circulate through your home.   

Longer lasting ducts! A home duct cleaning can also ensure that your ducts are lasting longer. Clogged ducts can reduce the airflow in your home and shorten their lifespan.  

If you need to remove dust, debris, fur, hair and grime from your home duct system, call us today Call Us Today to Schedule a FREE Estimate and we can put you on the path to cleaner air: 855-DUCT-GUY, 630-963-2099!


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