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Dangers of Mold

Dangers of Mold

Mold is a known issue that affects businesses of all types and styles. While all businesses should eliminate mold from their buildings, some businesses may have customers that may be particularly sensitive to irritants like mold. Doctors offices and residential buildings must be kept free of mold to ensure that patients and tenants breathe clean and healthy air. Call Air Care Services for commercial air duct services in Naperville.

What Causes Mold?

High humidity or any form of condensation trapped in a confined space can develop into mold. HVAC systems and air ducts can be a prime location for mold to grow. Signs that you may have mold in your businesses air ducts can show in several different ways. One sign is mold appearing on the vents. Black or white patches appearing on your vents could signify a much bigger infestation in your air ducts. Another signifier that your business has a mold infestation could be a strong musty or mildew smell throughout the business. Physical ailments including irritation in your throat, nose and eyes, headaches, nausea, fatigue or dizzy spells are also a key indicator that mold is being circulated through your business. If you notice signs of mold in your business, call Air Care Services for Commercial Air Duct Services in Naperville.  

Mold in Your Business’s Air Ducts

Hospitals, doctor’s offices, veterinary offices, schools, apartment buildings, and restaurants are all prime examples of businesses that clean air ducts are vital to their patients and tenants. Traces of mold in these businesses can have devastating effects on the health of those who attend or work in these buildings. In the case of hospitals or schools, those with weakened immune systems or those with asthma may be more prone to severe reactions as a result of mold. Commercial air duct services in Naperville, like those of Air Care Services and clean the air ducts of your business so that the air in your office is safe to breathe.

How to Get Rid of Mold in Your Business

Air Care Services offers commercial air duct services in Naperville that will clean the full air duct of your business quickly and efficiently. First, all air vents will be removed and thoroughly scrubbed with a non toxic cleaning solution to remove all mold particles. From there an industrial vacuum will be hooked up to the air duct and will suck out all the debris and mold from the ducts. While this is done, the technician will use a blower to be sure all the mold is sucked into the vacuum.

Check your businesses vents often to be sure there is no mold accumulation and clean your businesses air ducts often with commercial air duct services in Naperville. Call Air Care Services today!

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