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Bath Exhaust Systems

Bath Exhaust Systems

Moisture from your bathroom shower can leave unpleasant smells, mildew, and mold behind if they are left unclean. When your fan becomes clogged with fungus it won’t work properly, thus distributing less clean air into your home. We know how important air duct cleaning is in Downers Grove, so call Air Care Services today to get started.

What Is An Exhaust Fan?

Exhaust fans remove the moisture out of the bathroom and help to control and eliminate bathroom odors. Did you know that exhaust fans can make a home and its residents safer by reducing fumes from the cleaning agents that you use when you are tidying your bathroom? Bathroom exhaust fans will help improve your indoor air quality when working properly.

What Are The Features?

You can choose the exhaust fan that best fits your residential needs, deciding between your own style and the fan’s overall performance. Today, you can find fans with lights, humidity and moisture sensing, and even heat lamps. Many people have the fan and light combination, making the fan look like your regular recessed lighting fixture.

What Are The Benefits?

When you have a bathroom exhaust fan, not only is your indoor air quality at its peak performance, but you have a bunch of other benefits as well, including:

  • Odor Elimination: Exhaust fans help draw out unpleasant odors that occur in the bathroom, controlling the smells altogether.  
  • Humidity Reduction: If there is excessive moisture in your bathroom, paint and wallpaper can peel and sometimes doors can warp. Having an exhaust fan reduces the humidity in the bathroom and prevents unnecessary bathroom remodeling.
  • Airborne Contaminants Reduction: We clean our bathrooms with chemicals like acid-based cleaners and when inhaled, these can cause many health issues—especially for small children and the elderly. With an exhaust fan, these problems are eliminated as the fan can remove the chemicals, just as it removes the odors.
  • Removing Foggy Mirrors: We all want clean mirrors to look at right after we shower or while we wash our hands. Bathroom exhaust fans will help control the moisture in the bathroom and remove water vapor on all mirrors and walls.

Bathroom Exhaust Maintenance

You should deep clean your fans at least once a year in order to keep the system dirt-free and mold-free. If you are unsure how to clean your exhaust fan, or would like a professional to do it, contact us today. We know how important air duct cleaning is in Downers Grove, amongst other cleanings, so call Air Care Services today and we will be happy to help you!


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