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Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Kitchen Exhaust Systems

At Air Care Services , we’ll safely remove grease that has accumulated in ducts of your kitchen’s ventilation system to ensure that it does not become an extreme fire hazard. We use safe chemicals, water pressure, and scrapers to remove buildup from contaminated surfaces. We provide air duct cleaning serving Naperville and are ready to come to help you with your kitchen exhaust systems!

The Different Parts Of A Kitchen Exhaust

There are many players in the kitchen’s exhaust system that help keep your kitchen free of odors, contaminates, and smoke. Some, but not all, of the parts you may find when looking into your exhaust system include:

  • Ducts: The grease duct is designed to vent grease, smoke, and other harmful contaminants from your cooking equipment, forcing them outside of your residence or building.
  • Hoods: The hood is what first captures the contaminated air, funneling it into the vents and then transporting it through the exhaust system. Most hoods are stainless steel and prevent harmful gasses from escaping.
  • Fans: The exhaust fans are the last part of the kitchen exhaust that draws the air into the hood, through the duct, then through the air purifier, and finally out of the building. Once the exhaust is discharged outside, it is never recycled back in.

Cleaning Your Kitchen Exhaust System

Kitchen exhaust systems are constantly working to remove and filter the air in your kitchen, so it’s important to keep up with regular cleanings and maintenance. First, you should turn off and unplug the fan in order to minimize the risk of injury—like getting electrocuted. In order to keep your exhaust fans clean and working properly, you should do the following:

  • Remove Any Grease Containment Traps: You should unhook any levers or tabs to remove the filter, and make sure you use a little power because grease filters are known to cause some stickiness. You can place the filter in a pan and fully submerge the filter in order to soak it clean, using baking soda and dish soap.
  • Remove Filters: Removing the filters from the hood allows you to get into spots that you otherwise wouldn’t see. Most filters slide or pop out of the hood’s underside.
  • Clean Under The Hood And Fan: Make sure you wipe away any visible grease build-up after you’ve cleaned the filters, and double check that the blades are clean as well. This allows for a better operating fan and adds years to your blower unit.
  • Kitchen exhaust systems play an integral part in our everyday life, especially when it comes to cooking. We know how important cleaning your kitchen is, and we help with air duct cleaning around Naperville if you find that you need cleaning services, so call Air Care Services today!

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