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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in Naperville, IL

Professionals for Cleaning Grease Off Kitchen Hoods & Exhaust Systems

Whenever you cook, your kitchen exhaust system works to remove airborne contaminants. This might include steam, grease, smoke, excess heat, and cooking odors. Your exhaust system requires regular cleaning to keep it working properly and prevent grease build-up, which is a fire hazard.

Air Care Services provides safe, effective grease removal and kitchen exhaust cleaning services to homes and commercial properties in Naperville, IL. We use many methods to remove contaminant build-up in these systems, including pressurized water, scraping tools, and chemical cleaners.

Types of Kitchen Exhaust Systems

There are two types of kitchen exhaust systems, ducted and ductless. Both systems include a hood and fan that sucks the air up into the hood.

With ducted systems, the filter inside the kitchen hood is designed to trap large grease particles. Then, the filtered air is sent through the ventilation ducts to exit the building. Some commercial systems come with an ozone generator that further cleans the air before an aero vent fan sucks the air outdoors.

If you have a ductless system, the air is filtered before being recirculated into the kitchen.

Why is It Important to Clean the Kitchen Exhaust?

If you own a restaurant or community center, you likely have a ducted commercial system. No matter what type of system you have, though, it’s important to have it cleaned regularly.

If you don’t clean your kitchen exhaust system, cooking contaminants will accumulate on the stove hood, fan, and inside the ductwork. This can result in a layer of grease gathering on the components of the system, which poses a fire risk. A dirty exhaust system can also cause poor ventilation and compromised indoor air quality.

Our Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services in Naperville

Your kitchen exhaust is responsible for cleaning the air in your home. It eliminates food odors, smoke, heat, and other cooking contaminants. When you hire Air Care Services to clean your kitchen exhaust system, we will thoroughly clean every component, including:

  • Kitchen Hood
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Ventilation Ducts
  • Filter(s)
  • Lights
  • Ozone Generator

Don’t let cooking contaminants threaten your indoor air quality, reach out to Air Care Services! From thorough kitchen hood cleaning, to filter changes and fan blade inspection, you can trust our professionals to protect your exhaust system.

Schedule a kitchen exhaust cleaning in Naperville, IL when you call (630) 963-2099 today.

How Often Should You Clean the Kitchen Exhaust?

It’s recommended that the filter on your kitchen hood be replaced at least once a month. The exhaust system itself should be cleaned about every three months as a general rule. However, this can vary based on your cooking equipment, and even the food being made.

Air Care Services for Kitchen Exhaust Maintenance

Even with regular filter changes, your commercial kitchen exhaust system can accumulate a lot of debris that threatens indoor air quality. If you have been searching for reliable kitchen exhaust cleaning companies in Naperville, IL, contact us at Air Care Services today.

We offer high quality maintenance services executed by NADCA certified technicians. Some of our other services include dryer vent cleaning in Naperville, Naperville air duct cleaning, and more.

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