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Maintain a great indoor environment

A good ventilation system is important for keeping a safe kitchen and bathroom.

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Kitchen & Bath Exhaust Systems

Prevent fire hazards and dangerous air pollutants

kitchen exhaust system, air vent maintenanceWe’ll safely remove grease that has accumulated in ducts of your kitchen’s ventilation system to ensure that it does not become an extreme fire hazard. We use chemicals, water pressure and scrapers to remove buildup from contaminated surfaces.


Keep your exhaust fan clean so it can do its job

exhaust fan, vent cleaning, vent maintenanceMoisture from your bathroom shower can leave unpleasant smells, mildew and mold behind if they are left unclean. When your fan becomes clogged with fungus it won’t work properly, thus distributing less clean air into your home. Call Air Care Services today to get started.

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