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What is Sick Building Syndrome?

9th June, 2020

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Sick Building Syndrome

One of the most common problems we encounter is what is commonly known as sick building syndrome (SBS). According to the EPA, this term is used to describe situations in which building occupants experience acute health and comfort effects. The symptoms appear to be linked to time spent in the building, but no specific illness or cause can be identified. Their complaints may be confined to a particular room or zone or widespread throughout the building.

Indicators of SBS

The most common indicators of SBS include:

  • Building occupants complain of symptoms associated with acute discomfort, such as headache, eye, nose or throat irritation, dry cough, dry or itchy skin, dizziness and nausea, difficulty concentrating, fatigue and sensitivity to odors.
  • Most of those complaining report relief soon after leaving the building.
  • The cause of the symptoms is not otherwise identifiable.

Cause and Prevention of SBS

Many things contribute to SBS, including inadequate ventilation, chemical contaminants from both indoor and outdoor sources and biological contaminants such as bacteria, dust, mold, pollens and viruses that can collect in the ductwork of your building or home.

Even for the healthiest people, breathing these indoor pollutants can trigger the symptoms of SBS, and one of the best methods of prevention is having your duct work cleaned professionally to create a more comfortable and healthy interior environment.

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